What Would a Customer Service Professional Do? They Know What to Do When Things Don't Work Out

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A Professional knows that not everything they do will work out.

"What? Are you kidding me? This means that we all are human! Oh great. I just told my boss how wonderful I am. This is just perfect!"

Seriously, it's ok. We are not meant to be perfect. We were meant to strive for perfection. That's the glory of being human.

You know what? They may not always admit it, but there is someone else who does not expect perfection every time. That's right. It's your Customer. Oh sure, they may say something like "This has got to be perfect" when in their mind they are saying "I can accept an attempt at perfection if the real effort was there."

So what does it mean when everything does not work out? It means the thingamajig did not arrive when promised, the whatchamacallit broke after being used only once and the whadisdat cost twenty dollars more than when the Customer first asked.

It's all part of Customer Service. It's how you take care of it that counts. This is where you draw on experience, training, company core values and your personal attention to see it through when something goes awry.

Your Customer won't remember everything that what went wrong unless whatever went wrong is not made right. Then they never forget.

If you are a Customer that has ever had something go wrong and then been treated as if you were in the wrong, you know what I mean.

They look at you like you are crazy. It's like you suddenly grew a talking dog or something from your forehead. Know what I mean? How did that make you feel? Did you want to do business with them again?
I don't think so.

Studies show that when we are treated poorly in a Customer Service situation we immediately tell 11 other people what happened. Immediately! We come back from lunch and make an announcement like "Hey everybody! Do you wanna hear what just happened to me at lunch?" And suddenly a crowd develops and next thing you know, you are having an un-authorized shop meeting, people are selling T-shirts like it's a rock concert or something and nothing, absolutely nothing, is getting done at work. Sound familiar?

Professionals realize that things happen. It just does. It's how we respond and take action when those things happen that matters. Not everything you do will work out.

Be ready to take action when that happens and your Customers will keep coming back.

Be Professional.

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What Would a Customer Service Professional Do? They Know What to Do When Things Don't Work Out

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This article was published on 2010/04/01