What Would a Customer Service Professional Do? A Warm and Friendly Greeting is Where We Begin

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A Customer Service Professional greets each and every Customer in a warm friendly manner because they are warm and friendly people. Even if you aren't warm and friendly. Ok. Here's the real deal. Not every day is a holiday and not every meal is a feast. Translation: Some Days Suck! This is the real hard part about working in Customer Service. You have to have the warm and friendly greeting every time. Why?

Your Customer has no idea about the kind of day you are having, and quite frankly, they don't need to. You can't take into your day anything that will cause your Customer to think, feel, act or behave differently towards you or your Company based on READ IT: YOUR BAD DAY! So, what does that mean to you, Mr. or Ms. Professional?

Your Customer deserves a warm friendly greeting every time they do business with you and your Company. So, if you are having a bad start to your day, here are a few tips to help you get back on the right path before your day barfs all over your Customers day.

1. Remember that you have a place to go to. It's called a job. Many people today have no job. Be Thankful.
2. Remember that you are the Best! And your Customer is "damngladlucky" to have you as their Professional Customer Service Representative. (It's a new word I just made up)
3. Remember to be Positive. That means that you believe that most (MOST) people are pretty dog gone good and just want you and your company to treat them fairly and with respect.
4. Remember you have many skills. When you use those skills, your Customer gets the Best you and your Company has to offer.
5. Remember that today is only one day. To do your Best for one day is all anyone can ask. And every day you do your Best is one more positive brick you lay in the foundation of your life. The pendulum in life swings both ways. You receive back what you put forth.

Truthfully, if you look back on your life, will you say, "I really treated everyone I met horribly! That was great! I only wish I could have treated more people just as poorly."
Or will you say "Every day I gave my Best and that was all anyone could ask."

And that means greeting everyone in a warm friendly manner even if they don't deserve it! Do it because you are the Professional!

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What Would a Customer Service Professional Do? A Warm and Friendly Greeting is Where We Begin

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This article was published on 2010/04/02