What Makes A Good Receptionist?

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So, what makes a good receptionist? First, how the receptionist dresses is very important. She should look neat, clan, professional and presentable. The receptionist should also have a neat and orderly desk - a desk that has several good pens and pencils, a working and efficient computer, a phone that has beside it a Rolodex, an orderly file system and any necessary papers or notebooks that might be needed when the customers or vendors come in.

Other Needed Qualities

In addition, those who are in receptionist jobs should always be courteous, respectful and helpful. And, when the receptionist runs across those who are difficult or disrespectful, he or she needs to find a way to calm the situation down or guide them to someone who can help them with their concerns. Also, a receptionist should be ready and able to guide customers or vendors to restaurants, bathrooms or other areas of concern where the customer or vendor needs help. Being able to give good directions makes the customer feel comfortable and at ease.

Still More Needed Qualities

A good receptionist is also a very organized and well-managed person. She is on time, efficient and completes projects when they are due. Also, a good receptionist is one who keeps busy; who is not always talking on the phone when others need help, always listening to loud music, or constantly talking with other employees.

What Other Skills Are Necessary to be a Good Receptionist?

It has also been found that a good receptionist has other skills that make her valuable to the organization such as knowing how to email clients and others, knowledge of how to fax certain documents, answering the phone and taking messages, taking care of paperwork, delivering the mail to managers and other employees, and filing. In addition, enrolling and completing business courses also help to make a receptionist organized and efficient.

Good Customer Service, a Must!

In addition to the aforementioned skills, a good receptionist should also keep as her main focus, good customer service. If the customer is not treated in a professional and courteous manner, he or she will look elsewhere to get the service they need and desire. Time management is also quite desirable in a receptionist. Because the duties of a receptionist are usually many, he or she needs to be aware how important time is to their work. Also, a receptionist should be a good listener. By taking the time to listen to what the needs and requests of the customer or vendor, he or she can offer effective help. For those who live in PA, PA jobs are available and are jobs worthy to consider.
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What Makes A Good Receptionist?

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This article was published on 2011/01/22