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Whether the economy is up or down, independent operators, we all want to be sure that we will do everything to keep our clients. Some of you have shared your customers are missing or simply not to return to your business. Some have expressed concern that their business is considered an expense of luxury and is the first to go when tough times hit.

So how do you keep your customers on your side with you? Here are five ideas you might want to think about:

Keep in touch:

Your company must have a consistent approach to follow up with prospects, customers and consumers. If your clients have not heard from you for months, out of sight, out of mind. Customers should be aware that you are there and you have something valuable to offer. And we talk about precious ...

Ask them what they want:

If you are not required to provide what customers want, do not stay very long. And I know that the best way to provide the best products, services and the value is to ask customers what they want and do it on a regular basis. The needs of clients and customers change over time. If you asked a year ago, could be behind truly understand their needs.

What is very interesting, but years ago, may have shifted to something new. If ever I ask you, you will never have the opportunity to create something new, to change your offer, and will remain valid in the eyes of customers.

Listen to the objections:

When you ask them what they want, listen carefully to the objections they share. Too often the rush to assure customers that their objections are not so important, and that they should buy from us, anyway. But if it was not important, do not share it. So, instead of looking for opportunities in the protests. Maybe it's time to offer a payment plan to make payments easier, it's time to add the second offers a lower price because of the economic situation, it's time to start offering something new / different to better meet the needs real?

Listen carefully, take notes, take the time to really try to understand how your business can be more valuable to your customers. You do not need to change your whole company, but a little tweaking would not hurt. However, sometimes, and inspections might be in order.

Believe what you want:

Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we are creating what we think is cool and innovative, because we have a continuous supply of ideas. Generating ideas is our gift. But we must be focused on what our customers and our customers want and create it. The other side of this is the myth of "build it and they will come".

Not at all. It is not wise to build something as trying to find people to buy it. Ask people what they want first.

Ask for their feedback on the product / service: Once they have presented their products and services, please do not skip the step of asking what our customers think. You never know what opportunities can be missed if you never ask for feedback. Pay attention to feedback on existing products and services give you lots of ideas for your customers.

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Small Business Consulting And Retain Customers

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This article was published on 2011/09/08