Postcards: The Answer to Marketing Problems

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Postcards are very efficient and effective way of sending your marketing message to all your clients and customers in the market. In this modern age, postcards stands out as an effective and inexpensive form of communication compared to emails and other modern ways of sending message and communicating with clients and customers. Post cards also provide a more personal and compelling way to keep in touch with your customers.

Some of the marketing tools such as brochures, letters, and pamphlets are now easily forgotten and are often just thrown away before they can be read. But postcards do not fail in grabbing attention. A well designed and created post card is considered as a thing with beauty. A post card usually creates a fast emotional response to all its readers while sending out large number of crucial business information and details at the same time. Among the other functions of post cards are:

• Postcards leave a long lasting and good impression to all clients and customers. This is especially important in this harsh and very difficult economic time. Competition is stiff, so you need to give a good impression to your prospects in order for them to patronize you.

• Unlike other marketing materials such as posters and brochures, post cards are cost efficient marketing tool that are very easy to send out without hurting your budget.

• Postcards can be used in honoring special events or occasions, congratulate clients and customers, attain new clients, announce sales and promotional offers of your business and send out reminders to all your clients and customers.

When you have decided to utilize postcards for your business, it is a must to first set the design of your post cards. A good and eye catching design is very vital for the success of your cards. Below are the things that you should consider in post card design.

• First off, keep in mind that your clients and customers relate to images and graphics better than the content. For this reason, it is a must for you to use great and eye-catching images and graphics that will communicate well with your audience. Moreover, the images and graphics on your cards must be accompanied with a great and interesting headline to ensure people understand what you want to tell them.

• Secondly, consider the size and type of the paper that you will use. There are different types of sizes that you can utilize in your postcard printing. Each of these sizes has its own unique way of making your post card stand out from others. But if you really want to have an effective and eye catching postcard without sacrificing its overall functionality, stick with the standard size. When it comes to the paper stock, using quality and attractive paper stock is a must. This might cost you extra but it will surely give you the post card that you want.

• Thirdly, the color. To many people, color is the easiest to decide on their post card. But remember that each color has a meaning behind it. If you use the wrong color, you can be sending the wrong impression to your customers. So, be sure to give the color a long thought before deciding on which to use in your post card.




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Postcards: The Answer to Marketing Problems

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    Julie Weishaar- 2010/12/08 14:34:08 pm

    Michelle, I definitely agree with you that postcards are a great marketing tool especially when compared to traditional direct marketing letters. I have actually had discussions with clients about the advantages of using postcards as opposed to letters because the message, especially if designed well, can't help but be seen without having to open an envelope. I am not so sure I agree with you that they are more cost effective than email marketing though. Emails don't cost money to create (unless one uses a professional designer) and don't require postage. However, there is definitely something to be said for the lasting impression of something one can actually hold in their hands - like a postcard. I have a question for you. Do you suggest variable data postcard printing to further customize and personalize the postcards to one's target market?

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Postcards: The Answer to Marketing Problems

This article was published on 2013/09/19