Happy Customers, Happy Profits!

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After giving you some ideas on how to make those customers of your happy, I couldn't stop thinking of more and more ideas to do it. It's like opening the floodgates! You will experience this too very soon, if you haven't yet. It's natural.

Ok, now let's see what other thoughts I have that might be the seed to another thousand ideas of your own to keep your customers happy and skyrocket your profits!

1. Experiment with new products and services every time you can! Don't be afraid to introduce something new. Your customers will be intrigued by those offer and want to try them because they trust you already; they are your loyal customers already, right? If there's a product or service that intrigued you, it will definitely intrigue your Internet Marketing customers and make you look cool and confident.

2. Challenge what you think all the time! If you started thinking that you don't need anybody else's opinion that you are the center of the earth and know exactly everything you need to know about everything and especially about your clients, think again! Your inflated ego is the sure thing to lose your clients! Customer loyalty is huge and you only keep it by listening to their feedback at all times.

3. Increase your customers LTV (lifetime value)! Your loyal customers are the ones who will keep your profits steady, by buying more and bringing more new clients with them as word of mouth is a very powerful weapon in the Internet Marketing industry. Keep your customers happy!

4. Customer loyalty! Marketing statistics say that 55% of your customer base is brought in by word of mouth, and who is going to spread the good word about you if not your loyal customers. They are happy with what you offer and their friends, relatives and acquaintances will want to be part of that happiness they see in them and follow them to your online business immediately.

5. Humans are creatures of habit. Once we're used to a routine, is hard for us to give it up. Once we are used to a brand or business is hard to move on to another one, so don't give any of your clients a reason to move on to your competition. Keep them happy with your services and products!

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Happy Customers, Happy Profits!

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This article was published on 2010/03/30