Email Marketing: Benefits Of Engaging With And Retaining Your Customers

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Most websites focus solely on dominant direct sales transactions and forgot to engage with and about retaining their customers.

Hence relationship marketing is important to your direct response email marketing campaign.

Relationship marketing helps you to recognize the long-term value your engaging relationships with your customers, especially online where you do not have the luxury to meet your customers.

Your relationship with them extends communication beyond intrusive hard sell sales and promotional messages.

Anyway, your ultimate goal is to find and capture new prospects and retain those already in your opt-in lists who have already bought from you and those who have not.

You might also want to entice former customers back. This way you could save on your marketing costs and customer service.

The key to retention of existing customers and to ensure repeated sales from this pre-existing customer is through satisfaction through a mutually beneficial relationship.

Benefits of engaging and retaining your customers:-

1. The cost of acquiring is at the start of a relationship. Hence the longer the relationship, the lesser is your amortized cost.

2. The cost of maintaining decline as a percentage of your total costs as your customer list grows.

3. Your buying customers will be less inclined to switch to another seller. This can result in repeated sales and practically at no costs to maintain them.

4. Retained customers tend to give you free advertising through word of mouth or today's social media networking.

5. You can up sell or cross sell your existing list, if they have already bought from you.

6. Retained customers are satisfied customers and they like the relationship with you and are less likely to switch to your competitors. This makes it difficult for any competitors to wrestle your market share.

7. You need to spend less to educate your regular customers as they are already know your voice and your brand irrespective of what products you are selling.


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Email Marketing: Benefits Of Engaging With And Retaining Your Customers

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This article was published on 2011/01/02