An Introduction To Vanity Numbers

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Wanting to call a restaurant delivery or a household service but having a hard time recalling the number or looking up at the yellow pages? Not anymore, with the help of vanity numbers .

Vanity numbers are real telephone numbers that are composed of numbers and letters that spell something on the keypad and are easier to remember rather than having random numbers. Vanity numbers are often toll-free attracting more potential customers. Businesses that use vanity numbers gain more popularity and have proven to have increased in their sales and sell more effectively. Using vanity numbers is also another way of promoting or advertising your type of business. Aside from that, it gives prestige and sense to the potential customers that your business is professional and well established.
Businesses that have vanity numbers are unique and gain exclusive rights to those numbers. Vanity numbers instantly tells what type of business you do, making it easier for customers to do transactions with you. It has been proven that customers would prefer to call those numbers that they can easily call rather than look up at the yellow pages to search for numbers. It requires less effort for customers, thus giving you better sales. So having to pay greater cost for having toll free vanity numbers rather than a plain telephone number is not a loss after all because in fact it even gives you an edge over your competitors.

Using these numbers is now one of the marketing strategies because it has been proven effective. As it is becoming wildly known and commonly used, costs of having vanity numbers are not that high to be able to give small businesses and mid-sized business the chance to have their own vanity numbers as well. Giving customers other ways of making them remember the vanity numbers are by having radio and television commercials, print ads, and billboards imprinted with the designated numbers.

It is best to use, as much as possible, the 800 toll- free number rather than the other numbers because it is the number generally known and are free for callers. Also, more letters rather than mixing other numbers is better and having your type of business rather than your company name is preferable. Another way to get customers to call, is by having vanity numbers that are easy to spell and pronounce mnemonics. Use words that are commonly used or spelled.
In general, having a vanity number is already an advantage but it would also be best to use your advantage at the most if you want to ace up in the tight competition of business.

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An Introduction To Vanity Numbers

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This article was published on 2011/01/21