10 Benefits of E commerce

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E commerce refers to electronic commerce, where buying and selling of products and services are done over the electronic system such as internet or computer networks. It is also known as ecommerce or e-comm. It is not only confined to just buying and selling of products through online, but also include the processes like developing, selling, marketing, servicing, delivering, and the payment for providing the products and services. With the increase in the number of internet users worldwide, there’s an extraordinary growth in the trade conducted electrically.


Modern E commerce mostly uses the World Wide Web, although it is encompass with other medium such as mobile devices, e-mail and telephone as well. Electronic commerce began in the year 1994, with the start of Amazon.com by Jeff Bezos in his own garage. Nowadays, there are number of well known E commerce store such as eBay, Walmart, Dell and many more. More Info visit Website Design Delhi.

Creating Opportunities E commerce helps in creating the world of opportunity. It helps in establishing new relations with the potential customers, business associates and manufacturers. It will make your product and the services known all over the wo0rl and Users from the world can easily access your products and services.

Product Awareness Online business gives you the ability to reach millions of customers. Promotion of your product can be done easily over the internet, thus increasing your company brand name and creating awareness about the products that you offer.

Potential to Increase the profit and Overall Business Sales E commerce gives users the ability to access your products and services from anywhere in the world, thus potentially increasing your company’s profit. Online market provides you more customers, more customers you get, there’s more chance of getting your product or service sell.

Open or available 24x7 E commerce site gives you the ability to open up your store 24x7, thus giving more accessible time and comfortable to the customers for buy your product and services. You can take orders from anywhere and let your customers shop.

Potential to Decrease Some Costs The online business potentially increases your sale and profits. Promotion, marketing and the cost of running the business is much lower. It requires lees number of employee to run your business, thus saving your extra money.

Helps Build Brand Credibility: E commerce marketing engages the customers from all over the world and marketing is less expensive than the traditional methods of marketing. Your product can reach the customers all over the world, thus increasing the brand awareness.

Global Market The E commerce helps your business to reach the global market, thus giving customers the ability to access your products and services from anywhere in the world. Global market reach means potentially increasing the number of customers throughout the world, without the limitations of traditional media or geographic boundaries.

True Feedback from Customers In E commerce, the customers can directly give their feedback, which helps the company in knowing the areas where they are lacking and where they need to improve, in terms of products quality and the services.

Cheap and easy Market Research Doing online market research is the most easy and cheap method of research.

Interactive way of Marketing Online marketing gives you the ability to do more interactive advertising and marketing, thus attracting the potential customers from the world.EzineSeeker.com

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10 Benefits of E commerce

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10 Benefits of E commerce

This article was published on 2011/12/13